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merp. Update....Who is here, reading. check in..

I keep telling myself I need to post here on LJ. I have my own blog on my website, facebook has taken over my social media life and I tinker on G+. Lj seems to have died, been reborn and died.. again.

So for those who give a damn Ditzy graduated college and is officially a LT in the army. She's got an awesome BF, and Im living back in Michigan with Bob.

How things change, how things stay the same.

Opening a store in next few weeks, so the same. New products as well as yarn.. The new.

Thanksgiving with the parents, then going to Chicago with my parents to see her in early Dec. then Christmas and Ditzy comes home for the holidays. God I miss that kid.

Earthling got married, had a kid and is now divorcing. Got I miss that kid too.

Damaged Child on medical leave from Army. He got more damaged on his deployment. Still married to she who insisted on the saga of yellowbob sweater and they are expecting their second child.

Time passes, things change.
Im still here, are you?
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quick and easy monkey bread

This is so fast and simple and can be made a variety of different ways and sizes.

This one is cinnamon, but it would be equally awesome with garlic, herbs.. get creative and let me know how it goes.

Ok, so first, butter a pie plate. Dust with sugar and cinnamon (or garlic or herbs..)

Preheat oven to 375

Take one of those rolls of refrigerator crescent rolls and make a pinwheel. The one I made shows one can. To make them bigger, simply add more crescents. make sure they are touching.

Roll them around in the pan a bit to coat all the sides.

Then bake 15 minutes or so (til golden brown). Serve warm with butter


Welcome 2012

Hello and welcome to the new year.

Coming soon will be more Canine Couture patterns, more armwarmers and my" think summer " line of tanks and dresses.

In the cooking front, as we are starting to eat far more healthy, a few books are on the horizon (some paired with knitting projects, some not) , cooking for 2, cooking for your aging pet, soups, salads and of course, chocolate.

So let's here it for 2012 , and know in 354 if the Mayans got it right.
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Snow, coffee, knitting and damn, my studio is more organized

Not sure what happened today, but I went on a cleaning jag. I can see my work table again. I can find my books easily. I know where my yarn all is, I found my purses.. now I need to get my coat cleaned, or at the very least it needs to live with some febreeze for a time. the move was not kind to it. It got packed in a very odoriferous container and being a winter coat just sucked up the smells by being stuck inside it. Perhaps airing it out will help.. I'm thinking some serious febreeze action. Tomorrow I am going to attack my kitchen and bedroom. Maybe it's the snow, maybe it's my upcoming birthday, maybe it's ... oh hell let's be honest, this flu kicked my arse and I ended up not getting things cleaned up or straightened and the OCD has kicked in demanding it start getting cleaned up and organized.

Got hooked on a cute show.. it's like muppets for adults. It's called Mongrels, it's on hulu, check it out. THere's 5 episodes there, but there's 8 in season 1 and they are on 6 of season 2.

The book is doing ok. sold 2 copies today, so that was cool. Thanks to whoever you are (if you happen to read this) and if you have questions, don't be shy, ask away, I only bite when provoked.

It is indeed winter in Iowa, and while i wish I could say time to break out the electric blanket, I use mine year round. Let's see.. It's time to break out the alpaca socks... um, nope, I wear those year round.. Ok, it's cold, wet and snowy. After spending last winter in the mountains in Colorado, I get the difference between wet and dry cold. wet cold is.. colder.

I'm enjoying the fact my favorite coffee is available at Hy-Vee.. (local grocery store). makes my days brighter to have Obsidian. And they have my favorite Shiraz wine.

So yup, it's snowing, I'm cold and it's Holidays in Iowa. Did I mention the square looks spectacular and the music piped in thru the Gazebo is just heartwarming to hear as you walk around town.
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Happy Saturday

Woke up at 0230 to the phone ringing. Of course, by the time my brain processed it, it stopped. Found myself awake and unable to go back to sleep because WOO HOO, It's Flu. Knit a bit, went back to lie down around 0430.

Woke up (again) to my alarm clock (Therion purring and meowing inches from my face) got up, enjoyed a few moments of not wanting to throw up and knitted more.

Got some more recovery after the crash done and have been knitting and working on my new book (to be released in 3 weeks ish.) Got most of the testers lined up. I do need a few more people. One for cooking vegan and one for knitting fair isle. They can be the same person. Shoot me a message. Thanks in advance to those already helping out and to those about to. (Sorry no hints or pics in advance. this is one book that's gonna make it to publishing before any hype is built LOL)

My sketches this year seem to be very classic looks. Lots of cables and lace. Not as much fair isle and intarsia (note I didn't say none) as usual. Lots of beaded stuff too. Couple vintage redux ones too. Gotta get busy slamming thru them. Patterns do not write themselves!

Ditzy is going to benefit from a few new wardrobe things. (again, no peeking)

Holiday knitting. um, no. with exception of 3 people, I'm not doing the OMG I have to knit for people for the holidays gig. I'm also not accepting any "holiday gift" commission work. I like deadlines, I don't like holiday deadlines or people who want them. So this year, it's just going to be a relaxed knitting year. (no, I didn't start them yet either)

Well, me, this knitting, my french press are going to snuggle up.